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cover, one woman’s vengeance

Three years ago she battled 12 men.  Tonight, she confronts an army.

One Bullet, the second book in the Nora Hawks series, is even better than the awesome One Woman’s Vengeance. It blew me away!

William Robertson, author

I read One Bullet Beyond Justice in two “sittings ” only because a  family problem kept me from finishing it in one ! I did not want to put it down ! And, when I did get back to it, I was completely lost in the life of one Nora Hawkes .

Eleanor Kodish

Now available in print and for Kindle, Nook, iTunes iBooks and Lulu.com!


 One Woman’s Vengeance 

Twelve men raped her.  Thirteen died.

I’m a sucker for a strong heroine, and this may have been one of the strongest! I loved the writing style and attention paid to detail. . . . . a fantastic read and I could not put it down! I’m eager to read more of this author’s work. I was beyond impressed with this book.”  hollieanne

“I haven’t read a book that was so intense in a long time, and especially with a woman character with strong conviction! I will read it again!”  Wendy Ahearn

“One of the best novels of its kind to come along in years!”  Dr. Kenneth Sarch

Fast, violent and satisfying.”  Lilace Guignard

Nora Hawks exemplifies independence, courage and resilience and should be the name of every man’s nightmare.”  Tonya McNamara

“. . . vivid characters, deft writing and killer plot. . . .” Joe David Bellamy

I couldn’t put the book down for the final 7 chapters!”  Christie Martin

“. . . today’s woman dropped into the old west setting.”  Calamity Lane

*    *   *

All Nora Hawks and her husband wanted was to raise horses on their New Mexico ranch. But Butch Wheeler and his 11 outlaws murdered her husband, raped Nora, set their house on fire and left her for dead.

She survived and returned, hiring retired bounty hunter Peter Clawson to teach her how to track and kill.

She had to train, not only in the ways of killing, but to mentally and physically survive in a male world of merciless, sometimes mindless, violence. When the day came that Nora  was ready, the deadly 12-member gang was no match against the fury of one woman’s vengeance.  Neither was the 13th man, the most evil of them all.


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  1. ps says:

    watch the movie “Bandit Queen”, based on true story. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109206/

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