Mom and My Bad Language

I still listen to my mother. She has a way of cutting through subtleties to get to the essence.
I told her I was troubled that my first novel, The Perfect Song, had very little foul language and only a couple scenes of violence. One Woman’s Vengeance is, by necessity, hard-hitting, violent and is full of adult language. I worry that people who liked the first book may be shocked by the second.
“I liked Vengeance better,” she said. “It’s a really good story. And that’s the way people talk.”
She paused to think about it. “Just go to Facebook and you’ll see how people really talk.”
Mom is right.
She’s 82.  She doesn’t give much advice, but when she does it’s usually concise and on target.


About Dennis R. Miller

I'm a writer and voice actor. My first novel, The Perfect Song, is a story about the creative process, the power of art, marketing and money. My novels One Woman's Vengeance, and One Bullet Beyond Justice are available in print, ebooks and audio books.
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