Reviews are coming in for One Bullet Beyond Justice:

Here’s an excerpt from one.  The full review and others are on the Barnes & Noble page.

. . .  Miller has created a feminist hero that we hope returns in future novels. . . . .  Not too often does the sequel surpass the original, but Miller’s One Bullet Beyond Justice does just that. It has all a reader can want being– witty and suspenseful, yet raw and brutal within a page or two. . . .
Full review here.

Reviews One Women’s Vengeance.  Readthe full reviews on


5 stars.  “I’m a sucker for a strong heroine, and this may have been one of the strongest! I loved the writing style and attention paid to detail. It made for a fantastic read and I could not put it down! I’m eager to read more of this authors work. I was beyond impressed with this book.”  hollieanne

5.0 out of 5 stars  Contemporary Author Perfectly Captures Classic Style Review by GlobalSlaughter


“. . .  And after a great deal of thought, I think I have finally been able to put my finger on what IS so original about One Woman’s Vengeance–that it combines the characteristics of a classic western with the characteristics of a classic crime/detective and does so seamlessly. . . . “


5.0 out of 5 stars It’s Kill Bill meets True Grit…but grittier  Review by Matt Coppadge


4 out of 5 stars . . . gritty and down and dirty. Review by Dan D. Gray.


Tasha recently posted this review on Amazon:

“I saw this book at a field where I go to school. I spoke with the author and it sounded like a good book. So I got it on my kindle and I couldn’t put it down. When you start reading you fall in love with the main characters. You want to take revenge for what she went through. I would recommend this to women of teen and older.”

Maxine B. Linville recently posted this review.  She says, in part, “Nora Hawks strode into my life in the first pages and she has never left. Mr Miller did a wonderful job with character development and with the brevity of a true author made them alive for me.”

Thanks, Maxine.

Dr. Judith Sornberger, poet and director of Women’s Studies at Mansfield University, posted this review of  One Woman’s Vengeance.


New Review in Sun Gazette

Many thanks to Cheryl Clarke for this insightful review in the Williamsport Sun Gazette.

I cherish all the reviews about One Woman’s Vengeance.  But if you ever had a high school teacher or college professor who helped you, inspired you or just urged you to continue your dream, you’ll know why this one is special.  Joe David Bellamy was my writing prof in college at Mansfield University.  As I’ve told him a couple times, I can’t point to a specific thing he said or did during the courses I took from him.  But this respected author was always there for the 20-year-old student who burned to be a writer.  I think more than anything, he was an example.  For him writing wasn’t a thing you just taught or dabbled with.  You lived it.

That passion, which he has maintained over the decades, is what kept me going through the up and down times.  Your relationship with your parents never changes.  You want to please them.  Same with your teacher/professor.  So when he when he wrote this review, I read it with a mixture of relief and pride —he likes the book!

So, I’m really proud to share this review.


I am up to 20 reviews.  Thanks, Terry.

“. . . .One Woman’s Vengeance is a work you won’t soon forget.”  Full review.

An email from a reader this morning:

Full of Emotion

“I started your book late last night, and finished it around 4:30.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was insightful, witty, sometimes funny, and full of emotion.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!   Nora is my new super hero. ”

Three Unique Killings

A reader –someone who has read a lot –pointed out to me that how Nora Hawks kills three of the men she is after are unique in modern literature and one is probably a first.  I never thought about it but she may be right.

New review by Bill Geist.

An Exciting New Voice

” . . . I was immediately captured by Miller’s pacing, cadence…and the malevolent rage that simmered under the protagonist’s cool veneer. . . .” (Full review here).


New review by Calamity Lane.

Dark, Driven and Dangerous

“Absolutely absorbing and compelling. From the opening paragraph to the closing pages, there is an intense layering of the crude, corrupt, raw and willful against a polished, mannered and youthful innocence. As readers, we watch that innocence fall away and the dark wings of an angel of vengeance emerge.  (See entire review.)

New review by David. Please share this link with your friends.  Spread the word about Nora Hawks and One Woman’s Vengeance.

Couldn’t Put It Down

One Woman’s Vengeance, by Dennis Miller, is strong, descriptive, and moves at the pace of a cold, black steel locomotive pumping down the tracks. The characters are vibrant and the story demands the reader’s attention. Nora Hawks forces you to become emotionally involved in her quest for vengeance while you quietly cheer for retribution. Through it all, you find yourself holding your breath as Nora’s plot to rid the earth of the evil-doers that tore her world a part unfolds.

The language is strong and succinct. The pace of the story is particularly impressive. Miller does an excellent job at making you turn the page from the very first line to the end. There is no dead space to be found, and each word is purposefully chosen to further the plot. Extremely well-written and very entertaining. I’m looking forward to the next installment in Miller’s repertoire.

“Fast, Violent, Satisfying”

Lilace Guignard posted this on Amazon recently:

I am a writer, outdoor recreationalist, and gender studies scholar, and while I’ve always liked westerns I read & watch them with an awareness of the cliches and how, so often, the stories and characters don’t speak to the issues that interest me most. One of them Dennis hit on–what was it like for a woman back then, one with guts who had to make it on her own in that violent and uncertain man’s world? The frontier has long been credited with shaping the distinctly American character–rugged individualism, lover of democracy but vigilante at heart, yearning for the freedom of wide open spaces. Well, even though you couldn’t tell this by our literature (or movies), many women have those same values and yearnings. Nora caught my interest right away because here’s a woman who had started realizing her dream of a western horse ranch with her husband, when all hell broke loose and knocked them of their horse, so to speak. Yet after everything–gang raped, seeing her husband beaten and shot dead, almost dying herself, and going back east to heal–after everything she is still so in love with the West that she returns. Not just to get vengeance and go back east, or somewhere undecided. So she can–if she survives–try again. The dream is gone, she accepts this, but she will not be run out of the territory. That is one Western trope Dennis gives a new twist to. And there are others.

I like how using the different firearms takes so much work. . . . . (See rest of review on Amazon).

Anne L. posted this on Amazon.  Many thanks!

Loved It!

I really enjoyed this book. I was easily able to see Nora Hawks in my mind’s eye accomplishing her goal…avenging her husband’s death and her assault. It was a riveting story…one that I truly enjoyed. I too am looking forward to Dennis’ next book…I hope it is a sequel to “One Woman’s Vengeance”.

“Anonymous” posted this review on the barnes and noble site.  This person captured my feelings exactly with “It isn’t exactly a western .  . .”

Highly Recommended

I expected a simple western, but got so much more! A quick read that I couldn’t put down. It isn’t exactly a western and it isn’t exactly a revenge novel. It is the story of someone, most people can identify with, taking a justified stand against some bad people when it would have been so much easier to just go away. In the days after the American Civil War, the West was full of opportunity and unfortunately this also attracted some vile and violent men. Miller wrote a good book that will appeal to western fans, as well as, feminists. Not only were the character’s compelling, but the plot took moved along at a satisfying pace too. The two main characters – Nora Hawks and Peter Clawson are an unlikely pair, but together they are deadly. They had good solid back stories and the dialog seems realistic. One only hopes this is the first entry in a long series.

Crowsfoot posted this review on  I love the title.

Hatred in Her Holster

  What is left when everything good is torn away? Nora Hawks finds out it is hatred. It is not hatred that doesn’t consume her. It is hatred that becomes her and guides her through the training and conditioning she needs to kill the men who destroyed everything she cherished. Dennis Miller does an excellent job of telling this woman’s story.

If Hollywood would give me a heroine like Nora Hawks . . .

Thanks, fellow writer and blogger Vicki Loci, for this great review.  I appreciate the honesty with which she approaches the book and that she picked up on the love story subtext.  You can read the whole review here. Subscribe to her blog and follow her own adventures as she shares information on her life on a goat farm and her odyssey of writing and publishing her own book.  I’ll be following Vicki and keeping you updated on her progress

Excellent . . . .

Thanks, Tammy for your Amazon review.  See all other reviews here.

One Woman’s Vengeance was excellent. It had me hooked from the minute I started reading. I was not able to put the book down and couldn’t wait to see how Nora Hawks fulfilled her revenge on the gang who did her wrong. Looking forward to Dennis’s next book.

“Excellent Read!”

Here’s a review on Barnes and Noble that I just discovered.  Short and sweet.

Nora Hawk is a woman that no man should mess with!
Very suspenseful and couldn’t put it down! Will Dennis R. Miller continue with another Nora Hawk saga?

Captivating!  Riveting!

Big thank you to Sherry for this review on Amazon.

“I found it captivating, riveting, and just plain could not put it down till I finished it in just a few short days. Although it got a little graphic in parts, it was still a very good read. As a woman, it made me want to take revenge as well after knowing how Nora was violently abused and left for dead. She deserves happieness and I was glad to read that she found it in her heart to accept the love of a man once again.”

Healing Can Only Come in the Form of Revenge. . . .

Note:  I’ve known Anthony for 20 years.  He’s a writer, reviewer and passionate supporter of the arts.  He’s also very honest.  Here’s an excerpt of his review of One Woman’s Vengeance.   I found it very insightful, and I’m sure you will, too.

Nora Hawks is a strong, capable female lead. She’s been through a great trauma and has battled her way back. She’s not perfect. Her experiences have left her unable to let herself be touched even gently by a man, and her temper flares at times that don’t warrant it. She can be impatient and slightly domineering. But you feel for her right from the start. You want her to heal, and you realize that for her, healing can only really come in the form of revenge. . . . .
Absolutely well-worth the read, both for hard-core Western fans and for neophytes like me.

For the full review (and I’d like you to read it) click here.

Nora’s Character is Incredible.

A review by Don in SC

I was totally consumed by the book. You used your words as a skilled artist uses their brush!
The attention given to the emotional detail really brought the characters to life.
Nora’s character is incredible. A beautiful woman with everything barbarically stolen from her, I mean everything, but doesn’t recluse in her mind, but comes back with more vengeance than any ancient or modern male warrior that I have read about.
Once I got started I could not put it down until the final scene. You left it wide open for a sequel and I am anticipating the next ride!

Absolutely Spellbinding!

A review  from Eleanor Kodish

WOW !! I finished One Woman’s Vengeance last night about 1:30—could not put it down until Nora did just exactly what she had to do –and she did it in just the right way !! She’s my new role model !!
You did an outstanding job with your book, Dennis !! You have written a “western” which can easily compete with all those books written by authors who claim to be just “writers of western fiction” —-!! Your characters were definitely believable, and the story line easy to follow. Your description of the cabin and its surroundings, as well as the town itself, provided a perfect mental picture  for me as I followed Nora in her quest for revenge. Your book is  absolutely spellbinding !!
Congratulations on a job well done ! Now just who (whom???) do you think should play the parts of Nora and  Peter, and Butch’s gang of hoodlums ,when One Woman’s Vengeance is made into a movie ?????

Thanks, Eleanor, for your very kind words.  I don’t know about who should play Peter and Nora.  Others have asked the same question.  Whoever plays Nora must resemble the cover art because that’s exactly how I picture her.


Here’s a new interview about One Woman’s Vengeance.  Anthony Cardno is a writer, a tireless supporter of writers, poets and musicians and longtime friend.  Take a moment and read it.  They were good, thoughtful questions leading to a lot of insight about the writing of the book.  Thanks, Anthony.


Mary Casbeer Reed made my day when she posted: “Great great book!”

I asked her what she liked about it.

“I could so be her!” (Nora Hawks).   . . . actually, I couldn’t put it down. . . You pull the reader in. . . so real!!!”

Nora’s strength and her insistence against all odds to be herself and exact revenge has hit a chord with a lot of women. Thanks, Mary, for saying it so well.


* * * * *

Nov. 23, 2011 By Kris Dumschat

Great story filled with twists, thrills, action, and a hint of romance. This novel is truly one that can place you (the reader) back in the old west as a tough cowboy fighting off the bad. Once you start reading the story, it’s hard to put it down. Although a short read, the novel will not let you down and will keep the reader in suspense from chapter one to the end. I strongly recommend this novel.


* * * * *

Oct. 28, 2011 By William Robertson ONE WOMAN’S VENGEANCE by Dennis Miller is an intense read. Set in the violent world of Old West New Mexico, the novel relates the story of Nora Hawks, who survives the murder of her husband and her own rape to exact Old Testament retribution on the villains who ravaged her. Driven by unrelenting hatred, she seeks the tutelage of Peter Clawson, a retired bounty hunter known for his skill with weapons. Ironically, Clawson teaches Nora to kill while she schools him in the art of cooking. Through months of tireless training, Hawks becomes a killing machine adept with rifles, pistols, knives, and her own hard fists. Add cunning and the single-mindedness of a John Steinbeck character to the mix,and she becomes an unstoppable force. One-by-one, she slays vile Butch and his cutthroats, making each man suffer in an excruciating manner that befits his crime. At this point, the story becomes a modern-day parable as the townspeople who had been brutalized by the gang also rise against their evil. Good wins out in the end . . . This novel has universal appeal because it invokes primal emotions and the visceral responses to them.


* * * * *

Nov. 21, 2011 By Sherri Stager

Having just finished reading One Woman’s Vengeance, I have to say that it was a very different genre than I would normally read. It is violent. It will make men wince. Despite my distaste for violence in general, I did find myself cheering for Nora as she exacted her revenge one by one on the men that had made her life a living hell. I was most impressed with the author’s ability to really “get inside” a woman’s head and convey an understanding of the trials and suffering of the women of that era. I highly recommend this novel. All women will feel empowered by it; men will be proud of all the strong women in their lives.


* * * * *

Nov. 23, 2011 By Richard Jones

I consumed this book in big gulps because it was hard to put down. It moves you effortlessly from one page to the next. The pacing is superb as is the dialogue. There are no wasted words in “One Woman’s Vengance.” This is the literal definition of a “page turner.” I recommend it highly.


3 Responses to Reviews

  1. Alan Probst says:

    Just finished “One Woman’s Vengance” and BRAVO Mr. Dennis Miller!!!!! I can see this book being a true grit type western movie with the likes of Kevin Costner as Peter , Val Kilmer as Butch and Salma Hayek as Ms. Nora. Thank you for re-introducing me to the value of a good story within a well written and timeless book. For anyone looking for a great read, this is it and if you don’t like it, you email me and I will personally refund your money. Alan Probst

  2. Ron Sick says:

    Just finished one of the best books I have read, although I must admit to sticking with mysteries most of the time. This one was more of a mystery to me because I know the author and I didn’t know he could think as a vengeful woman might think. I read all of these reviews and can’t add anything, except maybe that the novel was too short. I could read this kind of writing for another day or two. I couldn’t put it down, because as a man, I just never knew what this woman was thinking or planning to do next. Hope I never meet one like her, but will take another Nora Hawk novel tomorrow.

    • Thanks so much, Ron! I really appreciate the review. If you could post it as a review on Amazon I would very much appreciate that. All the reviews help. Again, thanks. I owe you at least a coffee when we cross paths again. And yes, I’m working on a sequel.

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